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St John the Baptist Church 3D mosaic tour

On 6th August 2020 David Andrews, a Geospatial Survey Analyst, employed by Historic England arrived at St John’s. The mission of Historic England as a public body is to ‘help people care for, enjoy and celebrate England’s spectacular historic environment.’

This visit to St John’s to take a 3D laser scan of the mosaics was very much appreciated by the parish team especially as it was at the height of the pandemic in the town. The result of the 3D scan is truly extraordinary and I’m sure will encourage many people to visit the church in person to see a unique work of art. It is worth bearing in mind that the 3D image below was made before the mosaic was cleaned and restored by a team of heritage specialists from Gary Bricknell’s Mosaic Restoration Company, and it still looks amazing!

Visiting our church

Visitors to St John’s are welcome at many points throughout the week. St John’s is very easy to find however you travel. Please take a look below for details on your preferred mode of transport.

Various buses to the railway station stop directly opposite the church.

Bikes should be left in the church car park. They may not be taken into the church.

If you travel by tram, the tram stops outside St John’s.

If you travel by train to Rochdale Station, St John’s is directly in front of the station.

If you are travelling by car, be careful not to miss the narrow, one way turn from close to the entrance to the railway station that takes you to St John’s.

The free church car park is on the right immediately after the church.

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