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The Media Room

Discover images, videos and virtual tours in our engaging Church’s Media Room

Welcome to our Media Room, a curated collection of inspiring and informative content of our church community. Here, you will find a wealth of multimedia resources including images, videos, virtual tours and more, all designed to help you deepen your understanding of our mission.

A Visit to St John's

The St John’s Story

This piece of audio was prepared for a talking newspaper. It begins outside with a brief description of the church exterior before moving inside to reflect on the grandeur of the mosaic and the interior of the church; it concludes with a description of the activities that are taking place as a central part of our National Lottery Heritage Funded project and how the lottery support made the restoration possible. 

My intention was to provide a picture of why and how the St John’s we know today came into existence and why the renovations that have taken place were so important to the survival of this church that is now recognised as a building of national significance.

I hope you enjoy the St John’s story.

John McNerney

Member of the Parish Heritage Team

St John the Baptist Church 3D mosaic tour

On 6th August 2020 David Andrews, a Geospatial Survey Analyst, employed by Historic England arrived at St John’s. The mission of Historic England as a public body is to ‘help people care for, enjoy and celebrate England’s spectacular historic environment.’

This visit to St John’s to take a 3D laser scan of the mosaics was very much appreciated by the parish team especially as it was at the height of the pandemic in the town. The result of the 3D scan is truly extraordinary and I’m sure will encourage many people to visit the church in person to see a unique work of art. It is worth bearing in mind that the 3D image below was made before the mosaic was cleaned and restored by a team of heritage specialists from Gary Bricknell’s Mosaic Restoration Company, and it still looks amazing!

St John the Baptist Church 3D tour

The following video tour of St John’s was made before our application to the National Lottery was complete and therefore before any restoration work had started. It was produced to give viewers an insight into this magnificent Church, why it was designated as a Grade II* listed building and why its restoration was urgent as it was, at that time, on the Buildings at Risk Register.

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